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Useful Links

Below you will find a collection of links to support the teaching of English Language Arts at all levels. Please do not hesitate to send us any recommendations for links that you would like to see included here.

Quebec Education Program Resources

This is the compulsory program of the English Language Arts curriculum for the province of Quebec.

This is a complementary document to the QEP to be used by teachers in the planning of their ELA teaching.

These descriptive scales form the basis of the end-of-cycle assessment portrait of the levels of competency attained by the student.

These frameworks explain the basic criteria by which students should be evaluated per competency.

Elementary Framework

Secondary Framework

This is an excellent resource, created by the evaluation department of ELA at the MEQ, for teachers at the elementary and secondary level. This site contains all the materials related to MEQ-created Learning and Evaluation Situations (LESs) & approved Evaluation Situations (ESs). DEELA is now housed through LCEEQ. Access DEELA here and follow the instructions to log-in or create an account and register.

Quebec & Canadian Websites

Literacy Today
This site was created by innovative teachers for today’s busy teachers. Here you will find an array of resources for media projects, managing reading and writing workshops, and how to provide for differentiated learning styles in the classroom. The “Into the Classroom” section can be used as a springboard into your own planning, and the student samples can be used as models for your own practice. Teachers share their step by step process as well as their own reflections and insights.


The Quebec Reading Connection is an online resource by teachers for teachers. Find books that are appropriate for the level you are teaching that have been reviewed and field-tested by teachers. 


Quebec Library Association (ABQLA)
The only bilingual professional library group in the province. The school & youth section may be of interest.


Canadian Children’s Book Centre
They give some very lucrative awards, and sponsor the Grade one book giveaway as well as publishing Canadian Children’s Book News and Best Books for Kids and Teens. A great resource for parents, teachers, and creators.


The Centre for Literacy was founded by Linda Shohet, and is a hub of expertise that supports best practices and informed policy development in the area of literacy and essential skills by creating bridges between research, policy and practice. They do this through learning events (including institutes and workshops), action research projects and publications, as well as through their library services and website.


The Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN) is a non-profit educational organization with a mandate to serve the English-speaking community of Quebec. LEARN offers a wide range of resources, including elementary and secondary level teaching tools and content.


Watch and discuss great Canadian films. Through REEL CANADA, you have access to free DVDs and curricula, and participate in live chats and discussion about the films with the actors and directors.   See the link to participate in National Canadian Film Day for FREE here.


IBBY Canada
The International Board on Books for Young People (Canadian chapter) give a variety of children’s book awards, and in addition support activities like a “book bank” (giving away books), artist residencies, and literacy projects in Canada and abroad.


​The Dealhack Canadian Teacher Discounts List is the result of a quarterly survey of brands that offer educator discounts. Every 3 months, they independently verify each and every discount on this list. They also add more brands to the list regularly .

Other Websites

Facing History integrates the study of history, literature, and human behavior with ethical decision making and innovative teaching strategies. Their resources address racism, antisemitism, and prejudice at pivotal moments in history, and enable secondary school teachers to promote students’ historical understanding, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning. 

Learning for Justice provides free resources to educators who work with children from kindergarten through high school. Their materials can be used to supplement curriculum, inform teaching practices, and create inclusive school communities where children are respected, valued and welcome participants.


Otter is a free recording and transcription website that allows you to record audio and transform existing audio files into easy-to-understand transcripts. Use Otter for meetings, student discussions, class lessons, and more.


Humans of New York: The Series is a short documentary film series that showcases the lives and voices of everyday people in New York City. Each episode centres on a theme – such as “Time”, “Home”, and “Purpose” – and highlights several first-person narratives connected by that theme. The HONY series can be used to introduce and/or explore the craft of storytelling, the genre of memoir, concepts such as narrative voice and perspective, and much more.


Mapping Memories is a book/DVD of first-person narratives by youth with refugee experiences”. The accompanying Mapping Memories website contains videos and activities that explore the themes of identity and personal experience with an emphasis on creativity and authenticity. 


Creators is a great resource for all things new in art, film, dance, and more. The website’s mission is to “make art more accessible to a wider audience with diverse voices reporting on emergent arts and artists”. The site has lots of great short films, articles, and inspiring images that can serve as texts or writing prompts for the ELA classroom.


The Journal Fodder Junkies is a great introduction to visual journals. The great thing about these resources is they merge step-by-step freewriting journal exercises and prompts with step-by-step art lessons and techniques to be able to create stunning visual journals. You used to have to get two separate books for that!


The Pantone Prose & Picture Project
This is a great model teachers can use with their students for quick-writes which then could develop into published pieces, as anyone is invited to submit their photos or writing. The project is a beautiful array of writing, art and photography as well as a full spectrum of colour. You could also use the site as a model and create your own class mosaic of colour samples, art and prose with number parameters. Be sure to check out. (Submitted by Susan Brisson, NFSB, whose own work can be seen under photo 165 and prose 211)


The National YoungArts Foundation has collaborated with the Teachers College at Columbia University to create a study guide called Pursuing Your Passions, based on the HBO MasterClass series. This guide can be used from K-12 as a means to embrace Arts education in the classroom. All the lesson plans and multimedia elements are accessible on the project’s website. Teachers can also request a free DVD copy of the study guide and the entire first season of the MasterClass.


TeachingBooks.net is an indispensable resource for any ELA teacher. With in-depth author interviews, links to author web pages, and accessible lesson plans, it is a ready to use and user-friendly support for teachers of all levels.


The English Companion Ning : Elementary, secondary and college educators can connect with other educators on sharing communities or on-line social networks. Individuals post questions related to ELA content; you may offer ideas or at the very least, follow the discussions, sharing resource material and teaching ideas.

Teacher Blogs

Pernille Ripp is an expert in literacy and technology integration and dedicates her research and practice to developing engaged and empowered students and communities. Pernille’s current research interest is in creating passionate literacy environments within the restriction of our current educational systems to help students fall in love with literacy again. She uses her own classroom as a laboratory, as well as learns from the many educators she works with across the world.

The Teaching Factor is a site to share teaching ideas and digital tools that can enhance content literacy skills and strengthen student learning. The aim of this blog is to offer teachers and others working in the field of education practical strategies from technology to literacy to enhance and extend content instruction and improve student motivation and achievement.

Three Teachers Talk is a blog by teacher-mentors with insights, ideas, and resources for secondary readers and writers workshop. They write about their love of teaching, their students, and their practice in the classroom. They believe that all students deserve respect and compassion, and need to be challenged to become better thinkers, readers, writers, and citizens.

Two Writing Teachers is a cooperative blog that unites a community of teachers through the practice of writing while inspiring and guiding the teaching of a writing workshop approach. It is a place for teachers to be fueled with a passion for teaching, writing, and living; to see the latest in research and ways to apply it in their classrooms; to bring writing teachers together to share ideas and stretch each other’s thinking; and to reflect on teaching — celebrating when it goes well and working it out when it doesn’t.


ELAN Arts Inspire Grants

ELAN offers a number of interesting opportunities for SELA classrooms in 2021-2022: 

  • Poet in Class – Poetry in Voice (bring a poet to your class to share their poetry or run a writing workshop)
  • Modeling Memory– Liana Cusmano (A workshop your students will not forget!)
  • Fiction: It’s All in the Details – Lori Weber (local author offering authentic writing experiences)

Available to public and private schools and centres in the youth, adult and vocational training sectors, there are two categories of grants available:

(1) Professional Development Grants are to improve pedagogical practice. Funds cover release time for a minimum of 2 teachers to collaborate on and participate in PD activities relating to the (QEP); and,

(2) The Innovation Grants are to create systemic change within the school/centre. Funds provide release time to pilot a project, the results of which should be sustainable after the initial year.

The Culture in the Schools program provides financial assistance to school administrators and teachers to support the organization of arts and culture projects at school. All public and private French and English schools offering preschool, elementary and secondary education (youth sector) are eligible. Its aim is to increase the number of cultural experiences offered to students through the collaboration of the artists, writers and professional cultural organizations listed in the Répertoire de ressources culture-éducation directory. This includes writers affiliated by the Quebec Writers’ Federation.

Participate in a Blue Metropolis project. If your project fits with one of the themes for each year, your could earn substitution fees and resources to help enact the project. See examples of project themes here.


The Reading Recognition Awards are designed to pay tribute to projects initiated within the school community that inspire a love of reading and promote the use of different resources. Selection committees will assess the projects in order to select those that were most involved in their community. They must have sparked the students’ interest and helped them to develop their reading skills. ATEQ also sponsors one Anglophone project per year.
See the winning project 2013/14 and 2016/17 (both funded by a GET grant!)