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The ATEQ Board of Directors 2022/23

Executive Committee

ATEQ’s Executive Committee is composed of a President, Vice-President, Past-President, and Secretary/Treasurer who typically serve two years in each position. 

Pamela Bussey (NFSB)

President, 3rd of a 3 yr term

Pamela is a Secondary ELA Teacher with the New Frontiers School Board. She graduated from McGill’s MATL program in 2015 and has worked with the ETSB, EMSB, and SWLSB before finding a home with the NFSB. She loves reading YA, memoir, and flash fiction and has a passion for incorporating the Arts in ELA. She lives in Chateauguay with her husband, daughter, cat, dog, and piles of books.

Christina Grivas (WIC)

Vice President, 1st of a 1 yr term

Tina has been teaching ELA at the secondary level for the past 31 years in both the public and private sectors, but has found her home at West Island College for the last 19. She is interested in professional development about innovative assessment, classroom design and increasing student engagement, while at the same time, she cares deeply about student mental health. She is passionate about technology in education, encouraging a love of reading, and coaching basketball.

Jessica Hand (EMSB)

Past President, 3rd of a 3 yr term, NCTE Representative

Jessica is the Head Teacher at Programme Mile End High School, which is part of the Outreach Schools Network in the EMSB. She has worked there for her entire teaching career, spanning over 20 years, with the exception of her 3-year secondment to the Ministry to co-write the SELA2 program. She is also working part-time on her Master’s thesis at McGill, applying a critical lens to the discipline practices and policies implemented in schools in the name of school safety. She is known for her passion for working with disenfranchised youth, as well as dressing in black, loving British television and reading.

Abigail Anderson

Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, 3rd of a 3 yr term

Abigail began her career as a high school ELA teacher and then was the Coordinator of ELA Programmes at Quebec’s Ministry of Education for twenty seven years, during which time she directed the team that produced the QEP’s ELA programmes and Progressions of Learning. She has always believed in the grassroots power of teachers working together, and of the importance of encouraging professionalism in teaching.

Board Members

ATEQ’s Board of Directors is composed of teachers and professionals within the ELA network who commit to two-year terms.

Mary Eva (McGill)

2nd of a 2 yr term, ECCC Representative

Mary is a student-teacher field supervisor through McGill’s DISE. She continues her work as a member of the CPIQ executive and as an editor of their journal. She is a long-standing member of the ATEQ board, and former state coordinator for NCTE’s REALM. Mary is passionate about reading and literature, and being an advocate for the ELA community.

Tiffany Dickie

2nd of a 2 yr term, Social Media Coordinator

Tiffany is a CEGEP teacher at Vanier College in the Special Care Counselling department. After graduating from McGill’s MATL program in 2014, she went on to teach secondary English, Math, ERC, Science and WOTP as well as continuing education, vocational education, and social integration services (SIS) in the adult sector before finding her home in supporting the next generation of educators as they prepare to enter the field. In her spare time, she enjoys golfing and loves spending time with her Rottweiler, Lucy, and her husband at their home in Chateauguay.

Heather Morrison (EMSB)

2nd of a 2 year term

Before becoming a teacher Heather worked in the English language theatre community at Infinitheatre and Black Theatre Workshop. She practices project based / experiential learning and has implemented various sustainable and arts based projects. She has also piloted the Accessible Reading Quebec Project, an initiative of the Direction des services a la communaute Anglophone (DSCA) of the Ministere de l’Education et de l’Enseignement superieur and ALDI Initiative, on behalf of the English school boards of Quebec as well as the Advanced 5 Balanced Literacy Approach. Heather is honoured to be part of the growing ATEQ community.

Emeritus Board Members

ATEQ’s Emeritus Board Members are individuals who have previously held the role of ATEQ President and have been on the Board of Directors for at least 10 years. 

Mary Sauvé (NFSB)

Former president, ECCC Representative

Mary has been teaching ELA at Chateauguay Valley Regional HS for over 24 years, and has been the department head for most of that time, with the exception of her five and half year stint seconded to the Ministry as a curriculum writer for both SELAs 1 and 2, and the Secondary Progression of Learning. She is passionate about traveling, learning, and teaching. She lives in the country and tries not to kill too many plants.

Board Representatives

(Consultative & non-voting)

Carol-Ann Hoyt (QAIS), Jordan Kent (WQSB), Stephen Kohner (ESSB), Ruwani Payoe (EMSB), Louise Bourque (RSB), AnneMarie McCaffrey (NFSB), Nick Warren (EMSB), Claire Grondin (CQSB), Jody Meacher, (ETSB), Annie Ogle (EMSB), Emily Mannard (McGill).

ATEQ is a volunteer professional association run by teachers for teachers. We strive to have diversity on our Board of Directors representing elementary and secondary levels in both public and private sectors from as many school boards across Quebec as possible in order to try to meet the needs of our membership. If you scroll above you will see the current roster of teachers working for you and the school boards they represent. Board members are voted in at our Annual General Meeting. Terms are two years long.

Interested, but not in a two-year commitment? Why not join our board as a non-voting consultant or Board Representative, and help ATEQ gain a fuller picture of what is going on at all levels across the province.

    This subsidy is a perk to reward the volunteer service of the Board of Directors of ATEQ who give up a lot of their free time to give back to the community by planning events and coordinating resources. We also hope to encourage members at large to join our board and get involved in shaping the vision of this association.

    The application form is accessible to ATEQ members only. Please log in if you are an active member, or sign-up to become a member!