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About Us

The Association of Teachers of English of Quebec is a group of volunteer educators committed to fostering excellence and innovation in the teaching of English Language Arts in Quebec. We offer our members opportunities for professional development, as well as access to a variety of pedagogical resources through our website, grants for site-based ELA projects, recognition awards, and an online professional journal.

Our main goals are:

  • To provide leadership in current English Language Arts teaching theory and practice
  • To encourage exchange through the creation of a supportive network for ELA educators across the province
  • To inspire teachers to develop and strengthen their classroom practice
  • Organize opportunities for ELA teachers to connect with and learn from other educators, including our annual Springboards conference and other ATEQ-sponsored events;
  • Offer a variety of pedagogical resources through our website, such as our member-created ELA Unit Plans and travelling Book Trunks;
  • Award Grants for Teaching Excellence (GETs) to fund innovative and shareable classroom projects that exemplify the very best in ELA teaching practices;
  • Sponsor three yearly awards that recognize the excellent work and dedication of our colleagues;
  • Publish an online journal, ELA Today, with articles written by teachers, librarians, consultants, and other educators;
  • Represent our membership by sitting on the PACTE consultative committee to the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec, as well as other consultative bodies in the province.

Our Constitution

Please click below to download a copy of our constitution.