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    From video games and social media platforms, to fanfiction works and tabletop games, ELA educators have increasingly chosen to draw from popular culture texts to diversify curricula and engage contemporary youth. While the potential of these texts is excitingly vast, dreaming up accompanying assessments can prove to be a daunting task. In this year’s special edition of ELA Today, the voices of six writers navigating various educational environments – from high school ELA classrooms, to research-focused settings, and university-level programs – have come together to reflect on meaningful strategies for adaptive assessments. A big thank you to Emily Mannard and several of her students for making this special edition of ELA Today possible!

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    Upcoming ASCD Virtual Workshops include Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence, Inspiring Humanity with Powerful Student Care, Engagement Pedagogy, Teaching for Deeper Learning, and more. With an array of topics available to choose from, you’re sure to find a workshop that resonates.

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    We now have three new Book Trunks for members to borrow: Discussing Anti-Racism (Elementary), Discussing Anti-Racism (Secondary), and LGBTQ+ Picks. Click here to learn more.