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John Gaw Award

John Gaw was the first English Language Arts Coordinator of Curriculum at the then Department of Education in Quebec City. John was a personable man with a great sense of community and an equally generous vision for the future. His leadership was vital in supporting the Association of Teachers of English of Quebec (ATEQ) through the 1960s and 1970s, and he played a key role in the founding of ATEQ’s annual conference, Springboards. John believed in the importance of collaboration and, to that end, involved classroom teachers, school boards and university administrators, as well as teachers’ unions, in the shaping of government policies for the teaching of English Language Arts. John’s leadership style was to lead by example. The JOHN GAW AWARD honours his vision and leadership within the ELA community as it is presented to an outstanding English Language Arts educator in Quebec who exhibits the following leadership qualities:

  • A leadership which has shown collaboration and collegiality
  • A leadership which has required planning, organization and perseverance
  • A leadership which has shown openness, perception, flexibility and honesty

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