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Canadian Children’s Book Week

Each year, ATEQ partners with The Canadian Children’s Book Centre to co-sponsor a virtual workshop as part of Canadian Children’s Book Week.

2024: Writing Across Genres with Sarah Raughley

During this workshop, Sarah shared short writing craft exercises and lessons to help students. A Q&A followed the workshop, where participants shared questions about writing.

2023: Crafting Story Ideas from Personal Experiences with Sarena and Sasha Nanua

During this workshop, Sarena and Sasha discussed how they incorporated their experiences into their writing, including being twins and their Indian heritage. They explored how students can create fictional stories that incorporate their personal experiences and histories, which makes for a full-feeling story.

2022: Writing Through Pain & Loss with Janice Lynn Mather

During this workshop, Janice: outlined tips and techniques for tackling pain on the page; offered techniques for young authors with aspirations to share their work with a wider audience; and provided guidance for teens who want to put difficult experiences into words for themselves. Teachers were given several strategies and tools so they can help their students maneuver through the sensitive experience of writing to and through challenging experiences such as the loss of loved ones, and health crises.  

2021: Discover Classroom-Ready Creative Writing Activities with Author Robin Stevenson

During the workshop, Robin discussed practical writing exercises for students of all ages and shared how she encourages student writing through creative writing workshops with a focus on imagination and storytelling.

Find out more about Robin, including her books, at her website

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